What I learned about Tree ferns from the RHS Podcast

The first time you ever see a Tree fern I guarantee you will stop in your tracks and be utterly captivated as you try to comprehend what is in front of you. Tree ferns are a pre-historic plant but put them in a modern contemporary garden and they always look superb. So a recent and wonderful RHS podcast was enthusing about ferns of all kinds and when it came to Tree ferns this I what I learned.

  1. The root system of a tree fern is in the trunk and not in the ground (stay tuned as more on that later).
  2. Plant them in a gaggle. On their own they look great, in a group they look amazing.
  3. Plant them at rakish angles – they look more natural and it adds to their wonderful form.
  4. Tree ferns look great from all angles and particularly from above (so an upstairs window) so bear that in mind when choosing where to put your new additions.
  5. Always water the crown not the base (remember the roots are in the trunk not the ground!)
  6. Stuff straw in the crown in November to protect it through the winter.
  7. If your part of the world gets particularly cold in the winter then perhaps consider some wrapping or even shifting it into an unheated greenhouse.
  8. Don’t be tempted to cut the brown fronds off – leave them until spring when the new fronds are starting to appear.
  9. You will never ever be disappointed if you pop a Tree fern in your garden.

Oh and the RHS Podcast I mentioned can be found here:

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