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Things to do in November

Are you looking out of the window at the gloomy sky and the cold, wet weather and wondering what to do? Really? This is no time for lounging around – there is work to be done people! OK, things do start to become a bit challenging but November is a really great time (when dodging the showers) to invest a bit of your time that will pay dividends next year.

Things to do:

  1. Daffodils can still be planted but now really is the time to get those tulips bulbs in. If you have a really large bed, why not just dot the tulips across the bed rather than a gaggle in one patch.
  2. Wrap up the hose pipe and put it away, you won’t be needing it for a while and whilst your at it, check the outside tap has some insulation – just in case it gets really cold later on.
  3. If you have an outside water feature, now is also a good time to give it a good clean and ideally (if you can) empty it and pack it away. I know it might add some interest but the best way to prolong its life is to store it away from the frosts.
  4. Leaves to the left of me, leaves to the right of me, stuck in the middle with the rake. Don’t stuff the leaves into the garden waste bin, gather them together and makes some leafmould – pretty much the best compost and mulch for free!
  5. Bare root plants, such as roses and hedging, tend to be available now. Get them in as soon as possible so they can get themselves settled in before the real cold spells arrive.
  6. Dig over the veg. plot
  7. Give the greenhouse a really good clean to maximise the light but be sure to open it up a bit when the weather is milder to keep the air flowing through and stop fungal conditions developing.
  8. Prune your roses – by about 1/3 is the right amount – to stop them being slapped around by the wind and being damaged. The main formative pruning happens in the new year.
  9. Get some pot feet for any containers you are keeping out over winter. This stops them getting waterlogged and helps keep the bottom frost free.
  10. Dahlias are supposed to be lifted now but really unless your soil is heavy clay (and so high in water content with the possibility of freezing) they can stay put. However a covering of a pot or some mulch/straw is worthwhile – just in case!

What others suggest

There are plenty of other things you can be doing this month and below are links to a few of those with suggestions:

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