Daffodils (Pexels)

Things to do in March

Spring has sprung – well sort of. March is the early spring month and whilst there is still more cold and wet weather to come, the daffodils are up and about and telling everyone else to wake up and that includes you – there is plenty to do!

Things to do:

  1. If not already done, give the veggie plot a light dig over and on those odd sunny dry days a quick hoe will help keep the weeds in check.
  2. Dig in compost or well-rotted manure into the vegetable beds and if possible cover to keep the weeds at bay.
  3. Plant first early potatoes later in the month whilst onion sets and garlic can be planted now.
  4. Finish pruning roses as soon as possible.
  5. Move deciduous trees and shrubs.
  6. Put up or check supports for plants that are going to be needed later in the year.
  7. Prune your winter-flowering jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum).
  8. Tidy up the lawn edges and maybe install some lawn edging to make mowing and bed maintenance easier.
  9. If dry, give the lawn a light mowing just to tidy it up.
  10. Top-dress containers (aka replacing the top 2.5cm of soil with fresh compost).

What others suggest

There are plenty of other things you can be doing this month and below are links to a few of those with suggestions:

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