MrB's Alliums (2019)

Things to do in June

Summer has officially arrived (at last) and with it comes the prospect of warmer drier weather which gives you the chance to get out there and do a bit of work but also take a moment or two (but no more!) to enjoy the fruits of your labours from earlier in the year. Keep an eye on the watering and the weeds both of which will need plenty of attention at this month.

Things to do:

  1. If you have a hanging baskets or plants in pots, turn them a bit every week as this encourages even growth.
  2. Double-check any Box plants for signs of the dreaded caterpillar – don’t be fooled by any lush growth because if you haven’t got them now, you soon will do.
  3. If you don’t have hanging baskets, not to worry there is still still plenty of time to get some going.
  4. Check that any tall growing perennials have some support readily available when needed.
  5. Check that climbers have plenty of support and tie in any stems that have their own ideas.
  6. Toward the end of the month, give your wisteria its summer prune – do that and it will pay dividends next spring with better flowering.
  7. On the veg. plot the soil has warmed up enough so that you can sow directly into the ground, none of that messing around with trays, modules etc.
  8. Oh and make sure your vegetables (either planted out or down directly) have their defences in place – it is all you can eat buffet time for pests.
  9. Which means, regularly check your vegetables, fruit trees and bushes for pests.
  10. Early potatoes may be ready but only once they have finished flowering – in other words, be patient!
  11. Keep mowing the lawn ideally once a week if it is growing well – a bit of a chore I know but it helps promote growth, keeps weeds at bay and it is always satisfying but…
  12. If the rains are few and far between hold back on the mowing, let the grass grow a little bit longer and if needed, trim on a higher setting to keep things looking neat.
  13. If you have a greenhouse, a bit of shading will help protect the precious contents.
  14. Keep weeds in check – in particular don’t give them the chance to flower – again a small job that mean a lot less effort later in the year and beyond.
  15. Leaves curling? Look underneath for chomping aphids and if found, pick your weapon of choice – rub them off, insecticide or just good old fashioned soap spray (plenty of advice on the Internet).

What others suggest

There are plenty of other things you can be doing this month and below are links to a few of those with suggestions:

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