Things to do in December

It might be cold and dark and wet and grey and damp and really not a lot of fun but there are still plenty of things you can be doing in your garden. Others have more detailed suggestions (see end of article) but I have a few to offer.

Things to do:

  1. Make sure the outside taps have covers on, empty the garden hose and put away in the garage or shed for the winter.
  2. Rake up those leaves – a pain I know but they don’t do the lawn any good and they also provide a little hideaways from slugs and snails.
  3. Keep patios and paths clear and clean to stop them getting slippy.
  4. Take hardwood cuttings – this is really easy, cut off a 30cm length from your chosen tree or shrub (make sure you have a 4 or more buds), give it a trim. I leave the cuttings in water for a couple of weeks before planting them.
  5. Prune your climbing roses and plant bare root roses.
  6. Keep on top of the allotment giving it a tidy and dig over as and when the weather permits.
  7. If it is a sunny day, take a look at your garden and a make a note of which areas have sun and which don’t.  This can help when it comes to planning for plants to provide some winter interest, colour and scent during those months when it is cold and the sun is lower in the sky.
  8. Visit your local garden centre and see what plants are looking good in the winter months and if you venture into the less visited corners you might pick up a bargain plant – a bit of risk but with bit of TLC well worth it.
  9. If you have Acers, Birches or vines that need pruning do it before Christmas to avoid bleeding.
  10. Group container plants together in a sheltered spot to help protect the plants from frost damage.

What others suggest

There are plenty of other things you can be doing this month and below are links to a few of those with suggestions:

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