One of the great things about autumn is you have (if lucky) a wonderful spread of produce but absolutely no idea of what to do with it all. At the moment, I can’t walk around the house without bumping into a butternut squash or finding a bunch of tomatoes hanging out.  So I thought I might share three really simple things we have done with our harvest.

I have included links to the appropriate publication/publisher etc. (remember there are places to buy other than Amazon).

Paprika Roasted Sweetcorn

The Roasting Tin: Simple One Dish Dinners

Paprika Roasted Sweetcorn- The Roasting Tin: Simple One Dish Dinners

This recipe is from “The Roasting Tin – Simple One Dish Dinners” by Rukmini Iyer and it is really simple (yey!) and really quick.  I can’t reproduce the recipe (buy the book it is well worth the money) but basically, rub paparika, salt and olive oil into your sweetcorn and then stick in the oven to roast for 30 mins. Take out, sprinkle over crumbled feta, a squidge of lime juice and some chopped up spring onions and enjoy both summer and autumn in one simple dish.

Eve’s Pudding

Eve's Pudding

Eve’s Pudding

One of my clients has a few apple trees and had kindly agreed to me liberating the carrier bag full.  We were down the the last few apples and the prospect of a Sunday lunch without a pudding (noooo!!) presented an opportunity to try something different.  An Eve’s ticks every box – seasonal stewed fruit (tick), fluffy sponge (tick), custard (tick) and just the thing for a cold wet Sunday afternoon. 

I can’t actually find the recipe I used but this is the closest and doesn’t involve Sultanas (really). I split this into two small ramekins (not one each I might add!) and it was really quite nice indeed.

Spiced Tomato Chutney

Spiced Tomato Chutney

Spiced Tomato Chutney

Picking through the bowl of tomatoes that had been kicking around for a few weeks threw up quite a few that were well past their prime however… that means they will pack bags of flavour and so just the thing for a spicy tomato chutney.

MrsB has a really great book produced by the Women’s Institute which covers all manner of preserving and is well worth keeping an eye out for in the second hand/used book areas of various online stores and charity shops. 

Making this chutney isn’t for the patient so be sure to set aside a couple of hours (most of this is just checking on progress) but you won’t be disappointed… largely because by the time the two months of maturing has passed you will have forgotten all about how long it has taken!