Support your tomatoes!

It is always interesting wandering around gardens of big houses and the vegetable plots in particular are always a great place to see how others do things.  One area of creativity is different ways people support their tomatoes.  And so when we went over to Stow Gardens recently ( there was a small vegetable patch near the visitors centre and in the corner a greenhouse where a few tomatoes were growing nicely.

Here the gardeners had supported their tomatoes (see pictures below) by tying some string around the base of the pot the tomatoes were in, wrapping the string up and around the stem of the plant and then fastening it to a bar that ran along the greenhouse.  There looked to be a bit of slack but the string could easily be adjusted if needed.   A neat idea and looks good too!

String around the based and then up winding around the stem
Tied to a bar along the length of the greenhouse

There are a few more variations I have come across which I will post shortly.

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