Sprouts and spaghetti is a match made in heaven that sprout haters should give a go

Sprouts are the marmite of vegetables with people either liking or passionately hating them. However I always take the view no matter how much you dislike a particular food thing, there is always a recipe out there that could change your mind. So if you run a mile when sprouts are mentioned then stop and give this Waitrose recipe a go as I think you will be pleasantly surprised – it is really a doddle to make, cheap and very very tasty and without that bitter taste are often associated with Sprouts.

It’s official – 50% of people don’t like sprouts – so says a 2011 study by some folks at  2011 study by Cornwall College.  They found that a chemical in sprouts combined with a gene in 50% of people means those 50% find their taste very bitter.  Now that is a great shame as these people are going to be missing out on a cheap, plentiful and vitamin packed treat.  So back to my original thought, that no matter how much I might hate (for whatever reason) a particular food item, I am always thinking there must be a recipe out there that is going to change my mind – oh and if a Michelin starred chef wants to cook it for me – I am there!

If you are a sprout hater and are up for giving them another go then I cannot recommend this recipe from Waitrose enough.  If you are a sprout lover and want a quick, easy and tasty mid-week meal then this is definitely for you.

The link to the recipe is below and it is a quite forgiving so you don’t need to worry if you have a bit too much one thing and not enough of another. We didn’t bother with the Walnuts and used a small onion instead of the shallots oh and ideally you would have a food processor to make short work of shredding the sprouts.

I also have a couple of photos below during the cooking (note shredded sprouts – they get everywhere)!

Anyway, love them or hate them I think this is a recipe well worth a go.

On the allotment front, I have not had much success growing Sprouts myself as they usually get destroyed by something or other but having had this and with a new growing season beckoning, I think I am going to have another go.

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