When discussing new gardening work there are a few questions that often crop up so to help you here are the answers to some of the most common questions I get asked.

Can you take the clippings, branches, weeds etc. away with you?

I can take small amounts of waste but there will be a charge I am afraid – for more details on why I charge, how much and some other options you might want to consider, please read my Garden Waste page. If the work is likely to generate a lot of waste then again there are some options which I can also explain.

Will I need to be in when you are working?

No, unless the area I need access to is locked in which case I would need someone to let me in at the start of the work but we would discuss that in advance of the work.

Will you need me to provide any tools?

No! I will provide all the tools I need to do the work. If there is access to a power point that is a bonus but not essential and access to water (from an outside tap) is preferable.

What are your working days like?

My working day does vary depending on the year and to an extent the weather but I do work all year around – rain or shine or snow! In the winter months I would typically start later and finish earlier due to the light but in the summer (as long as it isn’t blazing hot) I start earlier and finish later as there is often plenty to do.

What is your availability like?

At the moment I am not taking on new regular gardening work as I am spoken for in that regards however if you have a smaller one-off job that you need a hand with then I am sure we can work out something that is convenient to you.

Are you insured?

Yes I am indeed! I have Public Liability Insurance (up to £1m) which is good business practice for any business and means if your property (or anyone in it) is damaged as a result of my work, a claim can be made.

Can you replace my fence/install a patio etc?

Sorry, no. I love a challenge but that doesn’t mean I am the right person for the job. In most cases I will recommend or find you a specialist to do that kind of work so you get the best results however I am happy to work with them on your behalf to deal with the gardening side of things.

Can you take down a tree for me?

Sorry, again no. This is one of those tasks that is best undertaken by a professional tree surgeon to ensure the tree is taken down safely and dealt with properly.

Do you have a team?

No, it is just me and only little old me. I always want to ensure that the work is done to the highest standards, at a fair price and with the reliability people are right to expect and so I work alone.