Projects past & present

Generally on a day to day basis I am just going to be maintaining gardens, updating planting, planning and planting beds etc. however there are some projects both past and present that I think it is worth sharing and so here you can find a selection which I hope are of interest.

Recent Projects

The Garden without a Journey

Sometimes we spend too much time stuffing the garden with plants rather than thinking about the people and so making the garden an experience to be enjoyed. One of my first jobs as a gardener was to help a busy professional couple find their garden again and really all that was needed was to give them a journey to enjoy together and the rest would fall into place.

The Front of House Garden

The Front of House Garden

With newer houses all you get is a postage stamp sized area of turf at the front which requires dragging a lawn mower through the house once and a while to keep it looking vaguely respectable.  And so it was  I was asked to see what I could do to turn it around into something that would look good all year around but require very little by way of maintenance – in other words the front of house garden.

The Wilderness Garden

The brief was “it is full of brambles” and they were not kidding. As part of my Didcot Good Neighbour Scheme work, one of the first gardens I visited was for a then recently referred client. I hadn’t visited the garden beforehand so wasn’t sure what exactly to expect or exactly how it was going to be tackled but that is all part of the challenge.

The Forgotten Garden

For whatever reason gardens are often (justifiably) the last things on people’s minds and so it was with this garden – the new owners found themselves with both a house (and garden) that had seen better days.  Although this garden is still a very long way from being a place of solitude, entertainment, enjoyment and whatever else a garden brings each of us, work is underway and it isn’t being forgotten any more.