I was fortunate enough to be able to have a holiday in the United States recently Las Vegas (mad and brilliant!) was one of the places we stayed in.  Now of all the things you might associate with Las Vegas, gardens and plants is probably not going to appear on your list however there are lots of surprising and magnificent planting displays in and around the Strip and just outside the centre is the superb Springs Preserve, a 180 acre site featuring botanical gardens, museums, family events, traveling exhibits, trails and other more.  Here are my postcards from Las Vegas…

Springs Preserve

Desperate to find some peace away from the full on experience of the Strip, Springs Preserve is only a short bus ride away from the centre and is a must see
(if only to catch your breath) should you visit Las Vegas. The botanical garden and desert wilderness are interesting and well presented and both make for a relaxing wander. There is the fascinating state museum as well as a popular (and great value) cafe and everything is very child friendly.