Mrs B

Postcard from Wytham Woods

Wytham Woods is an ancient semi-natural woodland, which has been owned and maintained by the University of Oxford since 1942 and we spent a lovely few hours wandering around the woods.  You will need to apply for the free permit should you want to visit but a visit is well worth while as there are plenty of long trails through the woods to enjoy.  You can also do your bit (as we did) to help document how the woods are changing by taking photos at designated “Chronolog” points.

The woods are easy to get to through the village of Wytham (pronounced as Whiteham I believe) and from the A34 (the other side of the A34) to Port Meadow.  For more details about the Woods and how to apply for a visitors pass head over to their website (link below):

So here is my postcard from Wytham Woods.

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