Nigella's Mexican Inspired Lasagne

Making a Mexican Lasagne with the last of the sweetcorn

Well it was back from the allotment with the last of the sweetcorn which, to be honest, wasn’t looking its best so what to do with it?  After getting out the recipe books and flicking through we hit on Nigella’s Mexican inspired lasagne and wow it is really good and so easy.

A link to the recipe follows:

I pretty much followed the recipe but didn’t bother with the coriander or the additional water for the sauce however next time we will add a bit of water as the filling definitely needed to be a bit looser.  Oh and it only needed 6 tortillas. 

Apart from that it is a wonderfully simply dish and it is one of those recipes where the leftovers are just as good if not better.

A slice of Nigella's Mexican inspired lasagne
A slice of Nigella’s Mexican inspired lasagne


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