Allotment Crop - 23 December 2018

Hi ho, Hi ho, it is off to the allotment we go

A quick post, this was something we had been waiting a while for but with only a couple of days to go it was off to the allotment to gather some veg for the Christmas lunch.

Below is a small selection of what was gathered – we did well! About half of the carrots had succumbed to insect chomping (I thought this would happen) but all in all not a bad haul. It will be supplemented by some supermarket veg which is fine and even so, having some of your own produce on the table in winter is, always a good thing.

Allotment Crop - 23 December 2018

As an aside, one of our allotment neighbours buries a biscuit tin of new potatoes harvested earlier in the season ready for Christmas Day. They are, for him, the best tasting potatoes of the year and really you can’t argue with that kind of logic.

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