Green Plant Swap Web Site

Don’t throw away unwanted plants, swap them!

What do you do with a plant that for one reason or another is no longer needed? Perhaps it has outgrown its allotted spot or has multiplied beyond belief but don’t throw it away just yet – try swapping or selling it through Green Plant Swap – a great website that brings together plants and people.

The wonderful thing about the Internet is the unexpected joy of a gardening website that you have never come across before and Green Plant Swap has been signed up to and added to my bookmarks.

Green Plant Swap is a web based service that lets anyone share, swap, buy or sell their plants and, more importantly, do so with others who are local to themselves – it is a simple concept perfectly executed. However there is more, including advice, guides, a glossary of terms, events and also posts from members themselves.

Take a look for yourself and I bet you sign up!

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