Dare you join in with No Mow May?

Here’s the deal – you don’t mow your lawn this month, you let it and any flowers grow merrily away and in return at the end of the month bask in the glory when you find out how many bees your wild lawn will feed and at the same time help others learn more about the nation’s lawns.  Interested?

Plantlife which works to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungiis is asking you to take up the No Mow May challenge to help our bees, butterflies and wildlife as well as helping them get a better understanding of how our lawns can support bee populations.

It is really simple, you don’t mow your lawn in May, count the flowers at the end of the month and pass your results on to Plantlife and you get a nectar score (not points!) as well as a month off mowing.  Sounds like a good deal.

For more details, visit the Plantlife No Mow May page (link below):

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