Mr B's Damson Jam - August 2018

Mr B’s Damson Jam

Along the edge of the allotments are a couple of damson trees which always have a mass of fruits on them. Last year we missed out on this free bounty so this year we were ready and so we were lucky enough to pick 3 kilograms leaving plenty left for anyone else. Of course what now? Jam of course!

Now there are a multitude of recipes for damson jam out there and some leave the stones in, others have you pick them out one at a time and then there is the option to sieve the cooked fruit.

I used this Damson Jam recipe from Delicious but put the cooked fruit through a colander rather than a sieve as this easily removed the stones but didn’t affect the texture too much.

It took rather longer than I was expecting to get to a setting state but it was really really nice. I hadn’t previously been a fan of plum or damson jams but this one has converted me and we will be keeping an eye out for damsons ready to harvest next year.

Mr B's Damson Jam (2018)
Mr B’s Damson Jam (2018)

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