Me maximising the green waste bin capacity

Covid-19 Working

During the current restrictions I am continuing to work largely as normal however it is important to explain why I am continuing to work and what changes there are to my working patterns.

Having considered the restrictions, I have decided to continue to work for the following reasons:

  1. My workplace is your garden.
  2. I always work outside and do not need to enter your residence to do my work.
  3. I always work alone.
  4. I always travel to and from gardens in my own car and alone.
  5. No one in my household, including myself, has COVID-19 or exhibits the symptoms of COVID-19. If that changes or I even think it may be a possibility I will stop working immediately.
  6. I can receive instructions on what to do via Email, text, PostIt or an open window!
  7. I only use my own tools – I do not touch or need your tools.
  8. I am constantly checking the Government’s guidance and making any changes needed.
  9. Finally, and I believe this is really important – for as long as I can I want to provide you with a reassurance that it is possible for some semblance of normal life to continue in these abnormal times.

In light of the current situation there are a few small changes I am making to my work patterns:

  1. If you are in a high risk category, are self-isolating or have any other concerns but would like me to carry on, you must remain inside your property whilst I am working and please do not enter areas I have been working in for a suitable period (I suggest 30 minutes) until after I have left.
  2. I will let you know when I have arrived and when I have left.
  3. I will bring my own refreshments and if the call of nature beckons, forgive me, I will leave but let you know and you are only charged for the time I am working.
  4. Although I am wearing gloves at all times, I may need to touch your brown bin and/or gate handles. Before I leave I will wipe any surface I may have touched with an antiseptic wipe which I will take with me.
  5. Finally, and this is also important – you may feel more reassured if I wasn’t working in your garden and would prefer to wait and see, or may you have financial difficulties and need a break, please say so. I am fortunate to have plenty of work and when this time passes I will always be happy to carry on helping you.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

Stay safe!