Cordless Secateurs are a definitely not the answer to your problem

As I understand it, we (Brits) are a low productivity economy and need to be “investing” so we can be more “productive”. Taking that onboard and keen to do my bit… a few years ago I invested in a set of Bosch Easy Prune Cordless Secateurs – just the ticket I thought to zipping through my pruning tasks and being more “productive”.

I know, I know, I can already feel a lot of (ok all) eyes rolling. To cut a long story short or in this case a very short story short, your eye rolling is well justified.

The background is… I have quite a few clients who we want to keep active and be out in their gardens but for whom pruning is very difficult. It seems then that “power secateurs” sound… very interesting and maybe worth a look.

I also had a particular job where the pruning space was very confined and the stems quite thick so a bit of oomph to help would be most welcome and the Bosch “Easy Prune” Cordless Secateurs looked to be the solution to both matters.

After spending a bit of time getting to know them in the real world of gardening, I have come up with a list of Pros and Cons which I hope will help anyone thinking of also making such an investment.

First up the Pros…

  • None.
  • To be fair, none whatsoever.
  • Nope, nothing.
  • Wracking my brains.
  • Nothing.
  • Anything… no.

It is important to provide at least some balance, so to the Cons which include…

  • They are over twice as heavy (500g) as my manual (me powered) secateurs (220g).
  • They are probably twice as big (see photos).
  • The jaw opening is much smaller.
  • The charging port is uncovered when they are closed – mad.
  • They kind of kick in when they feel like it not when you need it.
  • Oh, and you need to have the hands of a giant to even start to use them.

All in all if you are of an elderly persuasion and perhaps with small hands and not such a strong grip, these are definitely not going to help you in anyway whatsoever – except in parting with your money.

In the end I came across some Kent & Stowe Mini-Loppers which are so good I bought another set (Why?… well… I have “form” for forgetting where I left them).

Am I more “productive”, yes, those mini-loppers, they are ace but I do shake my head and wonder on what planet someone thought these “Easy Prune” Cordless Secateurs things were a good idea.

For an industry that not only lauds and but basks in its green credentials, it has a lot to answer for and this just seems to me to be yet another terrible example how that is actually not the case.

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