Chocolate courgette loaf cake

Chocolate Courgette Loaf Cake

You know that you have a glut of courgettes when friends don’t answer the door and fellow allotment holders suddenly remember urgent dentists appointments.  However a glut of anything means you have to get a bit creative.  So, should you find yourself with courgette and the need for a lovely moist chocolate cake then the Chocolate Courgette Loaf Cake is the answer to your (and my) prayers.

This recipe (from Allrecipes) is really straightforwards – it only has 4 steps!  You will need a medium sized courgette so if someone does a “knock and run” with a monster courgette you may need to trim it down to size (if so recommend you try spiralized fresh courgette in your salads or pasta – lovely!).

Anyway, back to the cake, which I hasten to add was being made by MrsB.  Courgette adds a plenty of moisture without needing gallons of oils and all that they bring.  The only downside (ha ha) is that it won’t keep for as long – unless you (a) LOVE cake or (b) have a sensible head on your shoulders (MrsB), and slice the cooled cake up before popping it in the freezer to take out as and when needed for a lunchbox.

Below is a link to the recipe and at the top of the page, the finished article (less a few slices) – just so it would fit on the plate of course!

Oh and a PS., MrsB has just told me she skipped the cinnamon and used a chopped up chocolate bar as it is cheaper than chocolate chips.

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