Before and After…

It is always satisfying to see a job completed whether it is turfing out a small tree or turfing a lawn and so when I can remember I take before and after photos and below you can find a few of them.

Removing the three amigos

Below I was asked to remove three small shrubs from a front garden.  Don’t let their size fool you because it is only when you can see the base clearly do you know if you are in for a hard time.  Fortunately these were pretty straightforward, the middle one put up a good fight but all were out within the hour.

[bafg id=”2504″]

Deploying the scythe

The grass had been growing like crazy recently and keeping up has been a bit of a challenge.  The strimmer really wasn’t cutting it (ha ha) as the head was repeatedly getting wrapped up in the long grass. I really needed to make some progress on this and so I ordered a basic scythe in the hope it would get me back on track again and below is a before and after photo of a stretch I worked on today.

[bafg id=”2380″]