Galanthus 'Blewbury Tart'

Anyone for Blewbury Tart?

Don’t worry if you were expecting some baking related post. Read on and let me introduce you to a lovely variety of snowdrop you may not have heard of but can be found right here on your doorstep.

One the things I really love about plants is there is always… always a plant or variety you haven’t come across before though in my case that is pretty much every plant as I am still a newbie!

Even so, even within everything that is new, some plants will stand out and so earlier I was browsing through my weekly copy of Garden News and a local place name caught my eye. An article by Alan Street on snowdrops listed a few of his favourites and it was the Galanthus nivalis pleniflorus ‘Blewbury Tart’ (RHS) that stood out – Blewbury is just down the road!

Alan actually found this new variety of snowdrop in Blewbury in the early 1970s and it really is a lovely little plant with its more upright double flowers that have lots of green.

As I understand it there are over 2,500 named varieties of snowdrop in all manner of forms and if you really know your snowdrops you may well be able to find something new but in the mean time as soon as the snowdrops are out I will be taking a trip to Blewbury to see if I can find some Blewbury Tart.

Note, according to my RHS Latin for Gardeners, Galanthus means “with milky-white flowers”, nivalis means “as white as snow” and pleniflorus means “with double-flowers” so now I hopefully know one more plant.

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